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May 6, 2024

Pride month next month is going to be especially important. 

Based on the threats from Project 2025 and the behavior of other religious nationalist groups, federal bills that prevent states from discriminating against queer folks are at risk. 
Coming out, already a stress-inducing process, especially for folks in conservative areas, would have far greater anxiety connected with it under a second Trump administration.
We invite singer-songwriter Adaline, founder of the nonprofit Bad Believer, to help explore the anxieties that come with coming out. Adaline talks with us about:
  • Her new album, Hymnal
  • No Hate Like Christian Love
  • Erasing Love 
  • Rebecca St. James & Waiting
  • Not Being a Part of Your Own Story
  • The Mythmaking of Purity Culture
  • Autonomy and Choosing Yourself 
  • Love Songs
  • Radical Acceptance, Jesus, and Unconditional Love
Hymnal was released March 22. Download it today!
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