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May 29, 2023

We have big news! We hired a new Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Maddie Upson, and we’re excited to introduce you to her in a two part episode.

In this episode, Maddie describes her experience growing up in a homeschool connected with the Evangelical Church in Arkansas, including:

  • Fitting into the Church...

May 22, 2023

We wrap up our series on The Sex Ed We Wish We Had by talking about the final sexual health principle from the work of Doug Braun Harvey and Michael Vigorito: Mutual pleasure.

And we’re excited to have our editor extraordinaire, Nicole Marinescu, share her experiences of navigating mutually pleasurable experiences in...

May 15, 2023

Today’s episode discusses one of the most challenging dynamics that we see when doing sex therapy with couples where one/both grew up in a religious context:

How do you navigate value conversion, the paradigm shifting that happens during therapy, when two people convert their values at different paces?

Jimmy Bridges,...

May 8, 2023

Last week, in our episode with Kara Haug, we talked about honesty as structures that provide accurate information to individuals and groups about sexuality and relationships. This week, we talk about how to navigate honesty within a relationship, where two people may have similar or differing perspectives, needs, and...

May 1, 2023

We continue with our series on The Sex Education We Wish We Had by talking about the sexual health principle of honesty.

Doug Braun-Harvey, of the Harvey Institute, explains:

“Sexual health requires open and direct communication with oneself and every sexual partner. Honesty with oneself involves being open to sexual...